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Michael Postel - Owner

Michael W. Postel, Director, is the Principal of Postel International, Inc. Mr. Postel has been a successful businessman, having owned and operated a major steel fabrication and erection contracting company for over 30 years and a number of related equipment and real estate investment businesses. He is familiar with the construction industry and brings an understanding of the banking needs of small businesses. Mr. Postel served as a Director of Main Street Bank from July 1999 to October 2004.

Steve Stoops - Owner

Mr. Stoops spent 20 years in the mid to high comp range trades markets such as concrete, drywall, masonry, painting, electrical, etc. Half that time was spent as a PEO sales representative and half as a PEO owner. He used first dollar coverage policies and small to large deductible policies. He employed many extremely talented licensed claims adjusters and numerous highly qualified committed Safety and Risk Management professionals. Mr. Stoops is well aware of the many various underwriter’s consideration in the PEO markets and has worked with several carriers that have had different PEO protocols.

Over the course of 10 years Mr. Stoops was responsible for adding approximately 180 client companies in the mid comp range risk. Over that time, his clients ran approximately $600 million dollars in payroll.

Mr. Stoops purchased 40% of the shares and was appointed to the Board Of Directors for Prime Source Management Inc. He assumed the responsibility for sales and marketing. At the time the company was running around $28 million in payroll annually. During that time, Prime Source Management established a large deducible policy with a $750,000 per occurrence with Lumberman’s Underwriting Alliance. They hired their own licensed in house claims adjusters. They also established an escrow account of $2 million for claims reserves. From 2004 to 2007 the company grew from $50 million in revenue to $145 million in revenue in the mid comp range trades market. They were among the fastest growing PEO’s in south Texas and the fastest growing client for LUA. During that time, they also maintained a 12% to 18% loss ratio through stringent Safety and Risk Management and diligent claims management. When Mr. Stoops sold his shares in 2008, Prime Source Management was running $145 million annually on a $750,000 deductible with $4.5 million claims reserve fund fully funded at a 4.5% net of $6.5 million to the shareholders annually.

Mr. Stoops owned and sat on the Board of Directors for Alamo Staff and Leasing Inc & Infinite Worksource. He oversaw the sales and marketing for both companies during that time. Alamo Staff Leasing was a $12 milliondollar company when he bought shares and was put on a $750,000 deducible policy with Lumberman’s Underwriting Alliance. Infinite Workforce Solutions was a relative start-up that was bought as a first dollar coverage policy from Texas Mutual. All in the mid comp range trades risk market, both companies experienced tremendous growth. Alamo Staff Leasing was sold in 2011 with annually revenue of $48 million with a 15% claims loss ratio and a 3% net to shareholders. Infinite Workforce Solutions was sold for $2 million in 2011 with a 21% claims loss ratio on a first dollar policy with a mid to a little higher comp range risk and a 3.5% net to shareholder profit margin.

Pete Delgado - Safety and Risk Management Director
Mr. Delgado is a degreed safety professional with 23 year of experience in the Risk Management field achieving corporate objectives related to cost reduction, cost containment, and loss prevention of employee and customer injuries while providing technical assistance, consultation, analysis, and training services.
• Specialized Training
• Licensed Adjuster/Texas
• American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor
• OSHA 501 General Industry Trainer
• OSHA 510 Construction Safety Certification
• CAOHC Certified
• Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist I
• 40 hr HAZMAT Certified
• Hazard Analysis & Loss Prevention Specialist
• Accident Investigation Specialist
• Bilingual – English/Spanish

Mr. Delgado has been married to his high school sweetheart, Annette, for 29 years. They have two beautiful children Kristin Victoria, married (Matt) with 2 children (Tristen and Kalysta) and Jonathan Peter (JP). Mr. Delgado is an avid golfer with a love of the outdoors.


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